Here are some examples of past projects:

Campfire Social

Recorded this EP in the band’s living room, last year, to save on cost. Really happy with how it turned out. Awesome band, beautiful people. Make sure you check them out.

Baby Brave

Recorded this for our debut ‘King Horse’ EP. We’ve subsequently recorded and released the follow up ‘Tacky Birthday’ on glorious vinyl, through Drum With Our Hands, with some help from the BBC Horizons Launchpad Fund. Currently working on the third EP.

OW Sessions

OW Sessions for Oriel Wrecsam was a project where I recorded numerous artists in the gallery space earlier this year. These were then mixed and edited into a series of videos, and posted on the gallery’s social media pages throughout the following months. The recording was a challenge as the gallery is now in an empty shop unit, with ambient noise from the passing traffic and pedestrians outside.

Isabelle Lottie Foundation

Composed and recorded a soundtrack to this YouTube advert for the Isabelle Lottie Foundation’s children’s book release.


BBC Radio

I recently composed an ambient soundscape for a BBC documentary into the StarCraft gaming phenomenon in Korea. You can have a listen here. I’ve also edited and cleaned up audio tracks for BBC radio documentaries, matching archive footage to recently recorded audio, as well as more general audio editing.



Rachel Lloyd

Co-wrote and produced this track with Rachel, which has been picked up by numerous Balearic/chillout radio shows and compilations.

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